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There's a lot of great races out there and many in locations that make for.. costume and there's a lottery for non-charity entries, although foreigners can. New York City Marathon, New York, USA (November) - The world's biggest.. is one of the best road marathons out there and even has a quick course.

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Hogrelius tankar i skrift!: februari 2007

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Rome Marathon Back in 2011 I wrote up a comparison of the road marathons I've run around the world since I thought it could be useful for people when deciding which ones to choose.
There's a lot of great races out there and many in locations that make for a great trip - a perfect way to see some fantastic cities.
But I've run a few more now so thought I'd update it and put it all together.
Bear in mind the list isn't exhaustive but includes over 50 different marathons across the world, including a good portion of the most well-known ones, so there's some decent variety.
Helps to be at near the front but not too big a race.
Pancake flat and not necessarily very scenic but it does finish in the 1928 Olympic stadium so you can pretend you're finishing an Olympic marathon around the Great Depression, which isn't that far off the truth.
Highly recommended, especially as it's a good excuse to visit the legal ish version of Sin City.
ADD 0 MINUTESArizona, USA January - If you want to have no off season then this is a great one to focus on for pure speed with comfortable temperatures and a slightly dull, but flat course around the Phoenix megapolis.
They bill all the Rock 'n' Roll series races as a party but it's probably the most corporate running experience you could ever have pay extra for VIP toilets article source the start!
But the point of this one is really to have an easy course that's fast and to get away from winter snow.
ADD 0 MINUTESGreece November - Not particularly pretty but it does cover the original route from Marathon to Athens which is 24 miles, so it includes a loop to reach the adjusted distance of 26.
Flat first half then gently up before the last quarter is all downhill, finishing in the 2004 Olympic stadium.
Kind of ny lotto quick draw locations to be done at some point just because of the history, but no need to do it a second time.
ADD 2 MINUTESSpain March - A great city to run around and a fast course too.
Beautiful views of the sea and less overcrowding than at some of the larger city races.
ADD 0 MINUTESFrance November - a large percentage of people run in costumes and the race is similar to other wine country marathons like Medoc in that it's a way to celebrate the new season's wines.
Wine, bread and cheese at every aid station, including pre-race so it's not exactly a fast marathon for most people.
The highlight was running down steps into a wine cellar, past huge barrels of wine and an aid station, before running out the other end of the cellar and continuing on the course.
ADD 5 MINUTESNorthern Ireland May - Often windy, rainy and with a few hills to slow people down, yet strangely enjoyable even with sections along a motorway out to the airport.
But running through republican and loyalist with their sectarian murals is an interesting experience especially if you're English.
ADD 3 MINUTESGermany September - Fastest marathon course I've seen and the multiple world records broken there the last four men's records were set there.
It starts on a wide road so the masses get moving faster than at similar-sized marathons.
That allows more of the field to have a fast start, although many people still inevitably have to go very slow in the initial miles.
Beer at the finish too.
Incredibly scenic along a beautiful stretch of California coastline but this is generally one to enjoy the views rather than go for a time.
There's also a Boston 2 Big Sur challenge for people who run both, usually about a week apart.
ADD 4 MINUTESMassachusetts, USA April - In the US this is the big one everyone wants to get to thanks to the need to qualify, the history and the fact the locals get into it more than for any other marathon I can think of.
I love it and it does feel special but it's not the fastest course normally due to cross-winds and those famous Newton Hills.
Highlight is definitely the Wellesley girls whose screaming you can hear a mile before you get there at halfway.
This course can be fast, but on average ADD 2 MINUTESBelgium October - Pretty parks along the course and you get to see a good selection of the Ny lotto quick draw locations scenery including parts of the EU bureaucracy.
Warning - your time may be worsened if you sleep through your alarm on race day like I did.
ADD 1 MINUTECalifornia January - Want to get away from the winter cold?
This is certainly a good option in South California and is well organized with a pretty course along the beach-front for most of the race.
The half marathon attracts a world class field and the marathon is reasonably competitive too, but this isn't the place to come for a fast time due to the rolling hills especially the big one at mile 9 and 900ft of ascent.
ADD 4-5 MINUTESDenmark May - Much of the course is run twice with overlapping loops, but I wasn't very inspired by the course which was fairly average, without too many memorable sights.
ADD 1 MINUTEOregon August - There aren't many road races in National Parks and this one circumnavigates the hilly road around the Crater with views of the lake most of the time.
Plenty of big hills plus the elevation is mainly between 7,000ft and 8,000ft so it's not fast.
It also finishes with a nasty steep two mile climb up on a fire road then straight back down the same way to trash the legs.
ADD 16-20 MINUTESIreland October - Not a very scenic course, with wind and some small inclines to make it slower.
But it gives an excuse to drink Guinness where it comes from and hang out with the Irish.
ADD 3 MINUTESEngland March - One of the oldest marathons in the UK which used to be extremely competitive for a small event, attracting the top British marathoners back when if you ran a three hour marathon you were last.
Surprisingly tough course with a beautiful exposed coastal stretch that can be blustery and has to be run past twice.
ADD 4 MINUTESScotland May - Net downhill but not a fast course thanks to the majority being along the Scottish coastline, famous for howling winds and rain.
Only the first four miles are really in Edinburgh then it heads out along the coast into a prevailing headwind which turns into a tailwind on the return last eight miles, still finishing way out of the city.
The out-and-back is lonely in terms of supporters but then has the entire field supporting each other as they run past both ways.
ADD 3 MINUTESOregon Apr - Fast and flat, as befits 'Track Town USA' and the home of so many Olympians.
There's something special about finishing around the historic Hayward Field track and the weather will probably help your speed, even though it'll probably be wet.
ADD 0 MINUTESItaly November - The first few miles are downhill so it's easy to go off too fast, then dead flat along the river for most of the rest of the way.
One of the best city marathons for scenery as well as being incredibly fast if you don't overdo those first miles.
It includes virtually all the main tourist sights in one of Italy's most beautiful and romantic cities.
ADD 0 MINUTESJapan December - If you get a chance, you're male and you're reasonably fast then you have to do this race at some point.
Before there was a marathon world championship, this was the effective race where the best male marathoners came to duke it out.
There's two qualification times: 2:27 for the A standard and 2:42 for the B standard with each having a separate start.
You line up in rows in the exact order of your qualification times and can't drop below a 2:45 marathon pace or you get pulled from the course.
It's a unique experience with a lot of crowd and TV support from the marathon-crazy Japanese.
So if qualifying for Boston is too easy for you, give this a go.
ADD 0 MINUTESBelgium October - Not many marathons to choose from in January, especially in Europe, and this one has since moved to October.
This is a very small, cosy race with a multi-loop course using bike paths and small sections of easy trail.
It's a shame they moved it to the middle of the Autumn marathon season instead of the sparse winter marathon famine.
It was a novelty to run this in the snow ny lotto quick draw locations that's unlikely any more.
ADD 2 MINUTES or 5 MINUTES if under snowEngland May - A two-lap course with rolling hills in the Essex countryside.
Full of people who didn't get a spot in the London Marathon and plenty who did it too.
ADD 3 MINUTESEngland December - I'll include this even though the race was a one-off in 2008 to commemorate 100 years since the London 1908 Olympics where the marathon distance was defined.
It may come back at some point and it'd be great if it does.
A rolling course including some beach running near the finish and a generally fun, low-key event.
ADD 3 MINUTESFinland August - I did this to complete the set of Scandinavian capital city marathons and it rained.
Surprisingly interesting course with some waterfront running and random city streets.
But it finishes in the Olympic stadium built for the 1940 Olympics but used in the 1952 Olympics, which is a plus.
ADD 2 MINUTESHawaii, USA December - The definition of a destination marathon but some gentle climbs and guaranteed humidity and heat mean you'll be slowed.
You probably won't mind since it just means more time to enjoy running in Hawaii.
And you'll be doing it with a lot of other people since this is one of the largest marathons in the US, plus the out-and-back course lets runners cheer each other on and lets you see a lot of costumes.
Not the fastest course thanks to the big climbs and 6,000ft altitude plus most people will be doing the marathons over the next two days too.
Fit this in if you get a chance since it's a perfect excuse to go to Tahoe and do so outside of the main tourist seasons, yet often with great weather.
Easy to hammer those downhill miles too fast and ruin the legs, but if you're doing all three days it's easier to be sensible.
ADD 2 MINUTES - Main Marathon, California, USA September - This is the biggest race of the three days and the one that has a lot of single day runners.
It's also probably the hardest with some nasty climbs up to Emerald Bay and the best road views in Tahoe where the first days starts.
After the crest of the hill its downhill then flat for the last six miles then a barbecue on the sandy beach.
ADD 5 MINUTESEngland April - In the UK this is THE marathon and most people don't even realize there are other ones out there.
Most people run for a charity with a huge number doing so in costume and there's a lottery for non-charity entries, although foreigners can just buy an over-priced package to get in.
If you want to run a fast time and you definitely can on this coursethen you'll need to qualify with a '' or time to get near the front or you'll be stuck walking with the masses, being deafened by the crowds, especially near the end.
ADD 0 MINUTES more if not at the front of the start-lines London Ny lotto quick draw locations through Canary WharfEngland July - This course from Windsor Castle to BBC Headquarters may never be used again, but was recreated without road closures for a centennial commemoration of 1908 in 2008 by the 100 Marathon Club.
Not a great route, including some dodgy areas of town but it has the same appeal as doing the Athens marathon and maps of the course can be found online if you want to try it solo.
ADD 3 MINUTES or more if you allow for traffic and map navigationEngland November - A three-lap course with joys such as scary council estates where you may get mugged mid-race, nasty headwinds that somehow follow you around the loop and the chance of cancellation due to icy roads.
But it does have a good challenge for a small race, in that there's a three-man relay to race against.
ADD 5 MINUTESLuxembourg May - An interesting twist in this race is that it starts soon before sunset, heading through the bridges and old buildings of the city.
As it then gets dark part-way through the race, the final mile has candles lining the route and then finishing in an indoor stadium with techno music and disco lighting.
Not a fast course due to the continuous rolling hills but pretty and unique.
ADD 4 MINUTESMorocco January - Maybe not the most effective organization but it's a great city to visit and weather will tend to be at least comfortable, but possibly hot.
The course is mainly outside the old town with the souks and windy little side-streets so has some desert-like views but it's all on flat roads so is very fast if the heat stays low.
ADD 2 MINUTESCalifornia, USA March - Scenic point-to-point run through the Napa wine region with your weight in wine as a prize if you win they're smart - the winner is unlikely to be big.
The course rolls slightly but is quick in general with comfortable, if potentially wet, conditions.
ADD 1 MINUTEEngland September - A scenic run through this forest in the south of England on roads with very small trail sections.
Some gentle rolling paths and wind can slow the pace slightly but generally a relaxed and enjoyable smaller race.
ADD 3 MINUTESNew York, USA November - The world's biggest marathon with multiple start areas and routes that stay separate until several miles into the course.
This one has to be on every marathoner's to do list despite the fact it's fairly tough due to the bridges acting as nasty hills.
If you want to run fast here then you need to qualify to be at the front but the are tightening from 2012 due to the popularity of the race for a senior man it will be 2:45, with times dropping for masters' age groups.
It's a fun race with a chance to see plenty of NYC, much of which you might not need to really see, so this is really about the experience and it isn't cheap I can't think of a more expensive entry fee for a road marathon.
Don't expect to be running in those early miles or where the starts merge later on unless you're very near the front.
ADD 3 MINUTES much more if not in the front corrals The New York Marathon start lineOregon, USA June - An ideal race to go for a time plus some scenic views of the sea, a large bridge and along a river in the beautiful Oregon coast.
Small enough that everyone can run immediately but fast and flat enough to let people nail the race, especially since the weather tends to be ideal for running.
Only remotely difficult bit is a tiny hill in the first few miles, unless you decide to do the oyster challenge and eat as many oysters as you can as you go past the oyster farm on the way out and heading back current record 80 oyster shooters.
But the courses are the same and the 100k just includes more loops through the countryside and small Flemish villages.
The novelty here is that it starts in the evening and so some of the marathon is in the dark while most of the 100k is.
Flat, slightly windy and with each lap going past weekend revelers in bars who seem to be oblivious to the race.
ADD 2 MINUTESCalifornia, USA March - Oakland doesn't have a great reputation and has very high crime rates, even though it's just across the Bay from San Francisco and near much less dangerous places.
The marathon starts with a gradual then steeper climb up to Piedmont, which is the rich part of town and takes an effort.
Then after 10 miles there's downhill into Oakland proper and flat, speedy roads.
The front-runners spread out ny lotto quick draw locations if you go significantly under 3h pace then you'll run though much of the dodgy part of Oakland solo.
So each time you see a cop blocking a road for the race, you'll be happy.
This shouldn't be an issue for most people but I felt unsafe running along having run through ghettos in Africa and several third world countries.
ADD 3 MINUTESNorway September - A course that mainly goes along the bay in one of the richest and most expensive countries in the world.
A chance to see Viking ships but if you want to do a Scandinavian marathon then Stockholm is prettier and more fun, not that this is a bad race at all.
Then you get the chance to see most of Paris' sights, two very French parks and a finish back at the Arc de Triomphe.
Fast course, beautiful course and it includes a trip to Paris - highly recommended.
ADD 1 MINUTEOregon, USA October - Although Portland is a very green city in every way, this course shows less pretty parts of town and has a big bridge crossing around 16 miles.
A relaxed atmosphere and not too large a field, plus a focus on making the race good for beginners and be female-friendly means this is a chilled race.
People aren't fighting for position at the start like at many races.
It'll probably rain and could be cold and windy so this isn't a super-fast course but is good as a first race or if you want to avoid the over-competitiveness you get at many races particularly near the front.
ADD 3 MINUTESCzech Republic May - As my first marathon, this feels particularly special to me and Prague is always a great city to visit, particularly the ancient old town where the race starts and finishes.
The course has been improved slightly since I ran it but still involves some running on boring roads away from the center.
Fast, although some people may not like the flat cobbles near the start and finish.
Easy first half including some bike paths then there's a steep climb up to a big bridge halfway through and a prevailing headwind to the finish which can really slow everyone down.
ADD 4 MINUTESIceland August - Iceland is an interesting place to visit and the race coincides with their summer festival so the locals do the two things they're famed for - drinking heavily and being promiscuous the latter is just what I've heard.
The course is mainly along the Atlantic coastline and typically is windy, plus even August is generally cold.
So even though this course isn't fast, it's the road marathon I've done the most and somehow led to four PBs in a row.
But beware that if you run faster than 3h pace you'll be on your own for most of the time.
ADD 2 MINUTESEngland September - This race in Robin Hood's locality in Nottingham follows the half marathon route, which is quite hilly, then heads off around man-made rowing lakes where there can be headwinds.
A medium-sized marathon where a Brit is almost guaranteed to bump into a runner he or she knows.
ADD 2 MINUTESItaly March - This is one of the best road marathons out there and even has a quick course.
Undoubtedly the most impressive city marathon course given you run past so many world famous sights unlike, say, London which avoids most tourist areas.
Starting and finishing at the Colosseum then including the Vatican, Roman Forum and everything else you'd want to include on a trip there.
Some cobbles but they're flattened and shouldn't be an issue for 99% of people.
Do this race and fit in a longer trip to Italy if you can.
ADD 1 MINUTEUtah, USA April - A net downhill, but starting at almost 5,000ft which takes a tiny toll on sea-level dwellers.
The start is around dawn with the views of the mountains surrounding the city just starting to be lit with purples and blues, so that distracts you at first before some rolling hills.
The half starts at the same point then splits off a few miles in before joining back up near the end.
Some freeway running but generally a decent course for views.
ADD 3 MINUTESCalifornia, USA July - Even though its at sea-level with mild weather, this is probably the hardest city marathon course I've seen given the significant hills ok, trail runners, it's flat in mountain terms.
Starting pre-dawn means cold and probably misty conditions but the main draw is the chance to run over the Golden Gate Bridge on an out and back.
I loved the course despite the fact it slowed me down a lot.
Great excuse to visit a cool city too.
ADD 4 MINUTESCalifornia, USA August - This small town race in wine country is very fast, despite the short sections of graveled trail.
Basically a two-lap course along a river with a small field and so an ideal course to go for a PB if you don't mind potentially running alone.
ADD 1 MINUTEWashington, USA November - One of my favorite marathons and a good reason to go to Seattle just after Thanksgiving.
Not a fast course but lots of running by the water before coming back inland to the finish, which includes some sharp hills.
Another race run concurrently with the half marathon, but the half takes a short-cut so marathoners pop out into the back of the pack half runners, which can be really motivating given the mutual support runners provide to each other.
ADD 3 MINUTESEngland April - A marathon in Ny lotto quick draw locations base of Stratford-Upon-Avon which rolls through country lanes for two laps.
Usually very close to the London marathon so it tends to include people unable to get a spot there.
An ideal way to run through some gentle English countryside without doing a trail race.
ADD 3 MINUTESCalifornia, USA October - Out and back from San Jose to Los Gatos along a canal for most of the course.
The first half is gradually uphill then the return leg is fairly easy and the parks and greenery is better than you usually see in the area I used to live there.
It's scenic, involves visiting a great if expensive city, and usually has really pleasant weather although has been too hot a few times.
ADD 2 MINUTESOregon September - Fast and flat around the golf course of beautiful Sunriver Resort, just south of Bend, OR.
Mountain views of the Cascades mean there's always something to keep you occupied and the 4,000ft elevation will barely have an effect.
ADD 1-2 MINUTESWashington, USA October - A small race through all three of the cities that make up the Tri Cities, along the Colombia River.
Completely flat except the four river crossings but these hardly affect your speed, although it can be windy so that's the only risk.
Great for a PB attempt, but this may involve running alone given the small field.
A surprisingly good-looking city with some interesting modern architecture which you see along the route.
It's also a well-designed course that is completely flat and easy.
ADD 0 MINUTESLithuania September - One of the things I love about running is that way it takes me places I wouldn't ever think of going otherwise.
Lithuania is one of those places and it's a beautiful small city with plenty of Gothic architecture, windy little streets and, I found, rain.
The course varies from old city streets to bike paths through woods plus it's not got any obvious difficulties.
ADD 1 MINUTEPoland September - As with Vilnius, I probably wouldn't have visited this historic city if it hadn't been for the marathon.
It's a larger race but not as interesting since it includes some Eastern Bloc-style views of concrete faceless buildings and boring main roads as well as some of the old town.
ADD 2 MINUTESSwitzerland April - I usually prefer to run in the mountains when in Switzerland, for obvious reasons, but this marathon is executed with typical Swiss efficiency.
Plus it has great views the whole way since most of it is out and back along Lake Zurich with the mountains adding a perfect backdrop.
The course does have some gentle rolling sections but is still fast.
If you miss out on London, this is a more than adequate alternative.
ADD 2 MINUTES I'll try to update this with additional marathons when I run more of them, but for now that's been fun to remember some fantastic trips in the past few years.
Hope you find it interesting and useful.
Great write-up again, Ian.
It'd be interesting to know the prices of each.
Any stand out in particular?
NYC is by far the most expensive, then Boston, then the Rock 'n' Roll races.
I would put "subtract 2 minutes" on Napa.
It's a fast one!
If I could only do three, which would you say are best?
Napa can be hot, though, so I was allowing for heat etc.
Chicago's meant to be one of the fastest courses on a good day not a race I've done yetbut on a hot or windy day, forget about it being fast.
Of all the road marathons I'd say to pick 3 would mean one mega marathon my preference would be Paris, which is beautiful and fastone really scenic one Tahoe or Crater Lake would be the best of the road marathons and Fukuoka if you can run under 2:42 and you're male.
Fukuoka was amazing and the whole 2:45-pace cut-off is kind of intimidating, especially if you've only just qualified for it.
What year did you run Quebec city?
Sad I did not meet you there!
Well, I still got trans-alpine run this year so that should be enough : Thanks for the nice list!
I ran Quebec in 2009.
Not sure I'll run NYC for a while since it's so expensive and there are much better races for much less money.
What I great summary of international marathons, thanks for sharing!
Being Swedish my marathon CV "only" includes four Stockholm marathon's, most likely a fifth in 2018 although I did reach my dream goal of faster than 3 hrs in the cold 2012 edition.
I would however like to start running international races and of course the large classical races like Boston, ING NYC, Berlin, Chicago and Paris but I have realised there are plenty of cheaper race opportunities around out there!
The Comrades Marathon in South Africa is one of the oldest and most historic ultras in the world as well as being the largest by far.
I thought it'd be a good idea to follow up on an idea from James Adams about doing a series of blog posts on how to train for some.
Rocky Raccoon has one of the fastest trail 100-mile courses and is made of five 20-mile loops in Huntsville State Park in Texas.
Road marathoning helps with all forms of running.
One of the staples of ultra training are back-to-back long runs.
This posting continues my irregular articles with tips on how to train for various major world ultras which I've personally run sev.
Photo: irunfar Epic summer battling with fellow Brit Nick Clark.
Photo: irunfar Leadville went well, especially since it was.
Middle Sister Summit This morning I got up early to run with fellow Bend-ite Bender?
We drove out to P.
Rome Marathon Back in 2011 I wrote up a comparison of the road marathons I've run around the world since I thought it could be use.

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Mest sålda köp och erbjuder, Trekkinn

Vilken ny produkt skulle du kunna erbjuda för att göra dem till en kund eller... I want to a quick way to find the professors with the most citations in any given... their lottery ticket purchases and each individual members' shares to avoid. in an ongoing campaign to draw attention to the location of the sign.
Also available at this location: 3 Party Rooms for Child/Adult Birthday Parties,. (Pool Tables, Darts, D.J., Karaoke), and New York Lottery Games / Quick Draw.

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Click to Play! And they were in places like laundry mats. Lagre Finn ut mer.. Quick Draw McGraw!... Little people fisher price toy - When I win the lottery (yeah, right! Lagre

Sharman Ultra: International Road Marathon Comparison (Updated Feb 2018)

Winds NNE at 10 to 15 mph. There could be a casual space and then a more formalized space for final screenings.

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Click to Play! After the crest of the hill its downhill then flat for the last six miles then a barbecue on the sandy beach. Mousasi har grym striking och varit framgångsrik inom K1 — här gäller det för Alex att hålla igång fotarbetet och utnyttja sin längd!

Sharman Ultra: International Road Marathon Comparison (Updated Feb 2018)

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How Does PayPal Compare to Other E-wallets?

  • Skrill This method used to go by the name of Moneybookers, but it has since been rebranded as Skrill. The main drawback of this e-wallet is that it just doesnt feel as secure as PayPal or Neteller, both of which feature more stringent security measures.
  • PayPal When you make lots of online payments outside of casino sites, PayPal is definitely the best choice. On the web, it is the most widely accepted e-wallet in the world. When seeking a single payment method, PayPal is the undisputed choice.